4 Reasons to Choose an Allvoi® Wireless Unlimited Plan Over the Other Guys

What if you could have a PRACTICAL cell phone plan that has NO CONTRACT and NO COMMITMENTS from a company that lets you keep your phone from your old provider? At Allvoi® Wireless, you can have that and start SAVING too. We are debuting two new unlimited wireless plans that give you the options you need at a price that works for you, so you can STOP OVERPAYING on unlimited cell phone contracts.

  1. Pay for What You Use

We are presenting our customers with two new unlimited wireless plans. The first is:


$30 per month (INCLUDING taxes and fees)

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

4GB LTE (after 4GB users may experience slower speeds)

The second:

Unlimited Plus

$50 per month (INCLUDING taxes and fees)

Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data

8GB LTE (after 8GB users may experience slower speeds)

You’re probably wondering how we can offer such low unlimited wireless prices. The answer is easy — we give you what you need. Most major cell phone providers give you data plans that provide you with 22, 35, or even 50 GB of LTE coverage per month, and they charge you a premium regardless of whether or not you use all of your data. The truth is, people in the United States typically use less than 4GB of data per month. Why not switch to a more practical plan that helps you save money?

At Allvoi® Wireless, we believe that people should pay for what they actually use. You shouldn’t be caught up in a contract that makes you pay for 20, 30, or even 40 GB of extra data a month when you don’t need it. At Allvoi®, you don’t have to.

  1. One Line

A vast number of people need an affordable cell phone contract that’s only for one line. While most major cell phone providers may advertise low prices on their unlimited talk, text, and data plans, there’s always one major caveat — you need to sign up for 3 or 4 lines to have access to the low price. If you need a cell phone plan that covers your needs, is affordable, and is for one line only, Allvoi® has the deal for you.

  1. No Contract

Practicality is key when choosing an unlimited cell phone plan. Do you want to be locked into a multi-year contract with a company that is overcharging you for your data usage? No, of course not. At Allvoi, we don’t overcharge you, and we don’t make you sign a contract. That means NO CONTRACT, NO COMMITMENT. You have the freedom to use our services as you please, always at the same low prices.

  1. Honesty

So what’s the catch? That’s just it — there is none. At Allvoi® Wireless, we believe in full transparency, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. When you choose one of our new unlimited talk, text, and data plans for just $30 or $50 a month, you’ll have the unrestricted ability to use your plan as it is — no red tape, no fine print.

Our groundbreaking new Unlimited and Unlimited Plus plans are the wise choice for people who want to experience the savings they can’t get with their current unlimited cell phone plans. Allvoi® Wireless provides you with PRACTICAL plans that have all of the necessary talk, text, and data requirements you need at a price that lets you SAVE. You can STOP OVERPAYING by hundreds of dollars a year when you SWITCH to Allvoi® Wireless. Continue browsing our website to learn about our other NO RISK cell phone plans!

Phones, Features, and Functions: Allvoi® Wireless Has It All


Allvoi® Wireless features a variety of mobile phone plans for just about every person’s individual needs. What you may not know, however, is that we also carry an assortment of phone models from industry-trusted names like Apple, Samsung, and Kyocera. We’re proud to offer these sleekly-designed products to our customers, to let them choose the phone that best serves their needs.

Let’s take a look at everything we have to offer:


We feature the industry-leading technology of the Apple iPhone at Allvoi® Wireless. We carry multiple models, from the SE all the way up to the iPhone X, the smartphone’s newest iteration. Since everyone’s budgets and needs are different, we feature these phones at varying price points, from $349 to $999, and just about everything in between.

These high-quality phones come with all the features we’ve come to know and expect from one of the industry’s leading electronics manufacturers. While each model offers its own memory capacity, all of our iPhone models feature a high-resolution display, a high-performance camera, video recording, touch ID, Apple pay, and many other features. We truly have something for every taste and budget.


And for those of you who prefer the Android operating system, we carry the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone. It features a 16 MP camera, 2 gigabytes of RAM, and even a heartbeat sensor. The phone is available in a variety of colors and features a newly-designed perforated rear cover that’s attractive and stylish. And we’re featuring a great deal on the Galaxy S5. While it was previously listed for $199, we’re currently offering this sophisticated smartphone for only $99!


If you’re looking for a basic feature phone that provides you with dependable call and text options, then we have you covered. We’re offering the Kyocera Kona phone for our customers. This features the classic clamshell design, external display, and is Bluetooth compatible. And oh, did we mention that it’s FREE?! That’s right, when you sign up for a wireless plan with us, you’ll receive this durable phone for free.

Bring Your Own Phone

We understand that you may be faithful to your existing mobile phone, and simply not looking to purchase a phone from us even though you want to sign up for our wireless plans. That’s no problem! You can check your phone’s compatibility with our network. Allvoi® Wireless supports most basic function phones and smartphones in the U.S. In order to be eligible, the device must be unlocked and compatible with the Sprint Network. Additionally, it must have a SIM card from Sprint.

At Allvoi® Wireless, no matter what your needs are, we have the perfect phone for you and a wireless plan to match. To get started enjoying a new mobile phone, call us at 1-888-501-8686 today!

Now introducing Allvoi Wireless

At Allvoi® Wireless, we recently changed our name to reflect the improvements, enhancements, and updates to services that our organization has recently undergone. In addition to a new name, we also have a fresh look and a newly-launched website. Allvoi® Wireless was formerly known as MasterCall® Mobile, which is a subsidiary of MasterCall®.

Allvoi® Wireless remains dedicated to providing our customers with the same level of superior personal service, products, and support for which we’re previously known. We’re the fastest growing and best wireless company you’ve never heard of, and provide traditional local, domestic and international long distance in addition to our digital and wireless services.

For more information on our wireless plans or services, call us at 1-888-501-8686.

New Name, New Look, Same Great Quality. Welcome to Allvoi® Wireless!

What’s in a name? A name can be impactful. It can even serve as a representation of the changes undergone through growth and improvement. At Allvoi® Wireless, we want to reflect that improvement with our new name. Formerly known as MasterCall® Mobile, we now have not only a new name, but a new look. And to accompany that new look, we recently launched our sleek and brand new website that makes choosing your personalized wireless plans and products simple and easy.

We have been providing telecom services since 1992, and during that time, we have acquired 10 other telecom companies under our umbrella. Boasting over 200,000 customers in the U.S., we’ve shown significant growth in the last few years, having launched our wireless service in 2014 (as MasterCall Mobile). After the acquisition of Allvoi in 2016, the service has recently been renamed to Allvoi Wireless.

Brand New Offers

Our name and look aren’t the only things that have changed. We are proudly featuring new deals, plans, and products as a part of our brand rollout. No matter what your specific needs are when it comes to choosing a wireless plan, we provide the flexible and affordable wireless options that are customized for you.

Nothing’s worse than getting hit with an unexpectedly large phone bill because you ran out of data. Luckily, our unlimited data plans allow for unlimited texts and calls, and you won’t even need to sign a contract to enjoy the reliable coverage and savings these deals offer you.

Constantly Improving Quality

At Allvoi® Wireless, we’re big enough to matter, but small enough to care. In fact, we’re the fastest growing wireless company you’ve never heard of. Although we’re known mostly on the East Coast and Chicago, our wireless services still provide you with the dependable and unrivaled nationwide coverage we’re known for.

Dedicated to Our Customers

Although we may have changed our name, look, and updated our offers to give you even more flexibility and coverage for your plans, we remain committed to caring about each customer. We understand that you depend on your phone. Unfortunately, so do the big phone companies. In fact, they use this knowledge to take advantage of their customers through hidden fees and weak network coverage.

At Allvoi® Wireless, we respect our customers, and we offer them honest and affordable wireless plans with excellent coverage. We offer all types of voice services, including traditional local, domestic and international long distance, and of course digital and wireless. We even feature an international long distance service which allows individuals to make international calls simply using any pay phone and an access code, no change needed. And to top it all off, over 50% of new clients come to us by way of Friend Referrals, which also means extremely satisfied customers.

For more information on our wireless plans, phones, and other services, call one of our friendly and multilingual customer service representatives at 1-800-655-3300 today!

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Allvoi Wireless Nationwide Coverage

Allvoi Wireless Nationwide Coverage

Allvoi Wireless is your one-stop-shop for all your wireless needs: Unlimited Talk, Text & Data on a Great Sprint® network.

One of the most important features of a great wireless service is its coverage. Allvoi Wireless has unbeatably excellent nationwide coverage via the Great Sprint® Network. Reception and signal strength are the foundations of making sure your calls and texts reach your desired recipient(s). As well as allowing for data usage for streaming, gaming, and web surfing run seamlessly.

Allvoi Wireless Nationwide Data Coverage

Allvoi Wireless Plans with no Contracts all include the best cellular service for Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plans. Offering outstanding Nationwide Coverage to our customers is forefront for Allvoi Wireless. We don’t just give you amazing savings, we also give you spectacular performance.

With a reception reach that spans nationwide, Allvoi Wireless keeps you covered whether you’re home or traveling. Our Unlimited Plans with no Contracts make it even easier to find comfort in the great service and exceptional quality that you expect from Allvoi. Choosing the Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plan that offers the best fit for your lifestyle is easy. Each and every smartphone Allvoi Wireless offers comes with the same great Nationwide Coverage regardless of which handset or plan you decide upon when joining Allvoi Wireless.

As always Allvoi’s courteous and knowledgeable Customer Support Team is here to help you with all of your wireless needs including any Nationwide Coverage questions you may have. Our Multilingual Customer Support Team is fluent in many languages such as English, Spanish, Greek, Russian, and many more to make communication easy and comfortable for you. Assistance via LIVE CHAT is also accessible (24 hours a day 7 days a week) for your convenience.

Unlimited Data Plans?

Allvoi Wireless Unlimited Plans

Need Unlimited DATA Plans? Allvoi Wireless is your connection. Data usage is a main attraction when it comes to choosing the right cellular plan to suit your needs. Whether your data usage consists of streaming videos to watch movies or music, playing multi-player games online, or just browsing the web and checking emails, everything uses data. Allvoi Wireless delivers greater flexibility to support your DATA consumption when selecting your usage plan for cellular phone service.

Having the best plan to accommodate you is important to not only your lifestyle, but to your wallet as well. Allvoi Wireless has Unlimited DATA Plans to suite most everyone. Allvoi’s total Unlimited Plans come with *Unlimited DATA. Each plan includes Unlimited Minutes, Unlimited Text Messages, and Unlimited DATA.

Depending on your monthly data usage varying plans are available.

The Allvoi Plan Unlimited 25 offers 1Gb of 4G LTE Internet for a promotional $15 for the first three months. (and $25 thereafter.)

The Allvoi Unlimited 35 Plan includes 2Gb of 4G LTE Internet for $35 monthly.

The Allvoi Unlimited 50 Plan features Unlimited Talk Minutes, Unlimited Text Messaging, and Unlimited DATA usage with 5Gb of 4G LTE Internet for $50 monthly.

All Allvoi Wireless Unlimited Plans offer Autopay for your convenience. Data usage is covered by our Nationwide Network featuring 4G LTE coverage so you know with Allvoi you are always getting the fastest and most reliable service connection available. All Unlimited DATA Plans are Smart Phone compatible so streaming videos and music, web browsing, and much more is easy to access from any device. When on the go or at home Allvoi Wireless makes Unlimited DATA readily accessible to provide streamlined connectability for all of your favorite Smart Phone features. Connect with Allvoi Wireless today to receive the budget friendly wireless services including the Unlimited DATA Plans you deserve.

AllVoi Wireless Launches New Website!

MasterCall Mobile is now AllVoi Wireless. New name, new offers, same great quality!
Allvoi Wireless offers the best no-contract mobile plans with several unlimited plan options for those who are seeking a no-contract mobile solution. Give us a call and reserve your best deal before your current contract expires.

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