With 5G, the Possibilities Are Endless

5G mobile data will soon be available as one of the features of month to month cell phone plans from Allvoi Wireless. You’ve probably heard of 5G, but unless you closely follow the latest trends and developments in emerging technology, you might not be aware of just how revolutionary 5G has the potential to be.

5G signifies the fifth generation of cellular network technology. A decade ago, when 4G was introduced, it made mobile internet speeds hundreds of times faster than the speed of 3G. It also made things like mobile HD TV and high-quality video calls possible for the first time. But as impressive as 4G was, and as widespread as it now is, it will someday be obsolete compared to 5G. Here are some projections pertaining to 5G that you’ll likely see someday soon:

The Internet of Things will change everything.

The Internet of Things will have too many connected devices for 4G to handle. There are already approximately 20 billion of these devices, and that number is expected to grow exponentially (to about 75 billion) by 2025.All of these devices will depend on 5G connectivity for its speed and efficiency. 5G will offer speeds about 100 times faster than 4G could ever hope to achieve.

This also means that 5G won’t have the bandwidth problems that current 3G and 4G devices often experience. 5G will be able to handle connections with connected devices, ranging from driverless cars to smart refrigerators.

5G will offer lower latency than 4G.

The term “latency” refers to the amount of time between sending information from one device and the moment a receiving device can use that information. Longer latency means more waiting for uploads and downloads, more buffering when you’re trying to watch a video, and more likelihood of a network crash. 5G will give your device such a strong signal that you’ll no longer need a cable modem or a Wi-Fi signal.

As we said earlier, these are predictions of 5G’s future. This technology is still in its infancy, and its full potential has yet to be realized. For now, you can get the best month to month cell service from Allvoi Wireless. Contact us today!


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